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The Kingdom of Styria

Starter Garb: The T-Tunic and tunic Dress as well as the long tunic

A tunic is a primitive shirt worn for thousands of years, most likly since cloths were invented! The Romans,Greek, Egyptians , Celts , Picts and Angles all wore Tunics and the pattern rarely changed from one culture to another. The pattern below is fairly representative of the average tunic used from the time of Ancient Rome until the late Renaissance. It actually could be said that the tunic is still in use as the average T-Shirt is basically a simple tunic.
Unisex Tunic
To measure this tunic for fit, take desired cloth and fold it in half, place it over your head. If it reaches the mid thigh it will fit correctly. If you like the tunic shorter youneed only cut the hem to accomodate the shorter length. if it does this on both sides its long enough. Yopu can decorate the tunic above by using different colors of fabric or pre made ribbon with patterns on it.Be sure you leave long slits at the bottom hem on the sides to keep the tunic comfortable and easy to move around in. Do this by starting to sew farther up from the hem.   Be sure to use natural cotton, cotton blends or wool for this garment... you can make it long sleeved by adding tubes to the ends of the sleeves... at the seem between the two, add more trim for a more attractive look! For a dressy look, use brocade cloth to make this garment!

Tunic Dress

For the ladies and also makes great mans robe if left open in the front!


More long tunics..

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