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Kingdom of Styria
Member Information Page

Welcome to the Kingdom of Styria  member support page!
 This page is set up so that you the member can find much needed information.
Here you will find the resources you need to advance in the Kingdom.
For your convenience, information is separated by subject. As time goes on, everything necessary for you to advance and become a valued member of The Kingdom will be posted here.

Section 1: Patterns and equipment building instructions

Armory Page
this page shows you how to make the Basic flat padded sword used by the Kingdom

Helmet Modification
Examples of modifications to the basic hockey helmet
examples of modifications to reproduction helmets to make them legal
Helmet padding instructions
(coming Soon!)

Tunic Patterns

Tunics are basic garb that is easy to make and care for.

Knightly Surcoat

(and Squires Tabard)
A surcoat is a garment worn over armor or fighting jack by knights. The Surcoat
 usually bears the heraldry of the Knight wearing it painted or otherwise applied to it.
The Tabard is a shorter surcoat worn by squires, soldiers and servants
(coming soon!)

Shield Building instructions
how to build a regulation shield
(Coming soon!)

Section 2: Documents

Constitution of the Kingdom of Styria
(Coming Soon!)

Functions of the Kingdom of Styria
(Coming Soon!)

Combat Rules of the Kingdom of Styria
rules and regulations for combat in the kingdom
(Coming soon!)