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The Kingdom of Styria
Medieval and Renaissance
Reenactment and Roleplaying Society
knight pic  Kingdom Heraldry knight pic
Hearty Greetings to you worthy traveler! We bid you welcome to the Illustrious Kingdom of Styria!
Within this tome you will find much information about the hopes, dreams,
 pastimes and lifestyles of  the Nobles and Subjects of this great kingdom!

The Royal Family
The Royal Family of the Kingdom of Styria

The Kingdom of Styria is a medieval and renaissance reenactment and role-playing society. Based in the Pittsburgh area, The Kingdom of Styria has realms throughout Pennsylvania and New York State.
The kingdom holds gatherings monthly where members engage in such activities as:
In addition, Individual Realms and Households hold Commons events and fighter practices in their local areas.  
For More information about the Kingdom of Styria or to find a local group, contact

Her Majesty, Queen Avengelyne Breckonridge-Greggoirre

Links to Kingdom pages

Members Information Site
Information on Kingdom Rules, Weapon building,
basic fighting garb patterns, etc.
The Principality of Fairfax
The capitol of the Kingdom of Styria

Photo Gallery
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The House of Valcore
Household in Central New York